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Active Ingredient:
Dynamine Methylliberine, Instant Caffeine, ZumXR Delayed-Release Caffeine, ZumXR Extended-Release Caffeine, L-Theanine, Taurine
Item Type:
60 Count, or 120 Count
60 Servings, or 120 Servings
Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 1 DynaMAX+ Ultra Enhanced Caffeine capsule up to 2 times daily. DO NOT mix DynaMAX+ with other caffeinated products.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Do not take if sensitive to caffeine. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known/suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drugs.
Natural Energy Boost
Inactive Ingredients:
Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose
Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this or any other supplement if under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing a baby, or if you have any known or suspected medical conditions, and/or taking prescription drug(s) or OTC medication(s).
Patents and Trademarks:
Dynamine™ is a trademark and protected by Patents Pending claiming priority to Serial No. 61/903,362; under exclusive global distribution by Compound Solutions, Inc. ZümXR® is a trademark of Nano Pharmaceuticals Laboratories, LLC. Patents and patents


DynaMAX Plus: A Caffeine Supplement Developed For Serious Stimulation!

When we came out with our original DynaMAX formulation in 2018, we thought we had put together the ultimate caffeine supplement. A caffeine supplement that kicked in hard and fast, but didn’t drop you off a cliff at the end of the experience either, this was pretty much unheard of at the time. However, we quickly found out that for many of you, the original DynaMAX formulation just didn’t have the oomph to get the job done. We can respect that, you have serious needs, and we have serious solutions!

We picked up where we left off with the original DynaMAX formulation, combining Dynamine methylliberine, an incredibly fast-acting and potent caffeine analog, with regular caffeine, extended-release caffeine, delayed-release caffeine, and finally some L-theanine to help focus the effects and provide an extraordinarily smooth sense of stimulation. We went through many different formulations of DynaMAX Plus, adding in lots of different and unique ingredients to try to amp it up more. However, in the end, we discovered that the real magic was being produced by methylliberine. Methylliberine is an analog of caffeine that appears to have relatively similar pharmacodynamic effects yet drastically different pharmacokinetics. Whereas caffeine requires at least 30 minutes before providing stimulating effects, methylliberine achieves this in a mere 15 minutes, and let us tell you, going from 0-100 in 15 minutes is no joke! Furthermore, in our testing, we discovered that Dynamine methylliberine made us more sensitive to the effects of caffeine. This finding allowed us to dial in the perfect amount of caffeine, hitting high levels, but achieving much more pronounced effects than even a much higher dose of caffeine.

After getting the stimulation perfectly dialed in, we had some rough edges that needed smoothing. We tried a lot of different ingredients here, in the hopes of finding a replacement for L-theanine in order to set this stack apart more. However, we quickly discovered that L-theanine was very important to the overall feel of DynaMAX and none of the L-theanine alternatives were producing the effects profile we have come to know and love with the original DynaMAX formulation. With this in mind, we simply went back to the drawing board and came up with a plan to better integrate L-theanine into our formulation. We tried it at lots of different dosages and discovered, quite unsurprisingly of course, that lower doses allowed the stimulation through more. We found the best overall effects profile at 100 mg L-theanine doses, but then also found that L-theanine wasn’t smoothing out the physical stimulation enough. To get around this, we combined L-theanine with a 100 mg dose of taurine which took care of some more of the physical stimulation while not taking away much if any mental stimulation. The overall effects profile now really is the original DynaMAX, but just turned up to 11!

Unique Features Of DynaMAX Plus

The question now becomes, why should I take DynaMAX Plus in a sea of high stimulant products that have dominated the supplement and energy drink space over the last few years? The answer is quite simple, balance and longevity of effects! The vast majority of high-energy caffeine supplements focus solely on producing as intense of an acute effect as possible, oftentimes opting for cheap caffeine anhydrous rather than more exotic caffeine-like compounds such as Dynamine methylliberine. This often leads to caffeine anhydrous doses up to and in excess of 400 mg. This is a lot of caffeine, even for seasoned explorers! By utilizing dynamine methylliberine, we can achieve similar effects, yet with lower overall amounts of caffeine. We don’t stop there though! We also incorporated two high-tech caffeine formulations by ZÜM XR. The first is delayed-release caffeine, which releases a bolus of caffeine right at the 1-2 hour mark. Since the initial acute effects are quite intense yet short-lasting, we needed something to kick the effects back up a touch before handing things over to the extended-release ZÜM XR, and the delayed-release caffeine worked great in this context! Speaking of the extended-release caffeine, we put this in there as the “parachute”. A lot of high-energy caffeine supplements shoot you high up into the sky but then provide little help getting back down. This was a big focus of ours and helped us dial in just the right amount of extended-release caffeine to extend the total duration of action while also allowing for a gentle touch down at the 8-hour mark. While a bit of a crash is somewhat unavoidable which such high levels of caffeine, the crash experienced with DynaMAX Plus is at the very edge of perceptibility and hardly is a problem. That is of course if you are a seasoned caffeine user, which leads us to the next section!

Who Should Take DynaMAX Plus?

Fair warning, if you are not a seasoned caffeine user, this one is simply not for you. DynaMAX Plus is for the most seasoned of explorers and caution must be taken by beginners here. If you are new to caffeine or have a low tolerance, then we would advice you to try out our regular DynaMAX formulation. For those of you who are seasoned caffeine users and are looking for a no-compromise caffeine supplement, then this is it!

The DynaMAX Plus Effect Explained:

To sum things up, when you take a capsule of DynaMAX Plus, you can expect the following timeline of effects:

  1. Rapid Stimulation: DynaMAX does not play around and lets you know what you got yourself into within the first 15 minutes of taking a capsule. This unique and rapid effect can be attributed to Dynamine methyliberine. At 150 mg in DynaMAX Plus, this packs quite the punch!
  2. Caffeine Booster: Once you think you have reached cruising altitude, you get taken up even higher by the caffeine anhydrous content of DynaMAX Plus. Due to its effects taking much longer to kick in than Dynamine methylliberine, the initial stimulation of DynaMAX Plus happens in two stages which gives it a much more dynamic feeling.
  3. Smoothing Amino Acids: With this level of stimulation, we simply need to smooth out the rough edges so that we can focus the energy. This is where the combination of L-theanine at 100 mg and Taurine at 100 mg comes in. This combination does a great job of smoothing out the stimulation without dampening the stimulation.
  4. Stage 2 Caffeine Booster: Once you have settled into the effects a bit, you may notice that your energy levels are starting to go down a little bit. With such an intense start to the experience, dropping even a little bit below this level is going to feel significant. This is why, at around the 2-hour mark, we incorporated a small bolus dose of caffeine. We found that the drop in perceived stimulation happened right at around the 2-hour mark, so the ZÜM XR delayed caffeine slotted in perfectly here, allowing you to experience this high level of stimulation for a lot longer!
  5. Smooth Landing: The worst part of high-energy caffeine products is oftentimes the crash. While this is somewhat unavoidable, it is possible to help dampen this effect. Our solution to this problem was to include a small amount of ZÜM XR extended-release caffeine. This caffeine formulation slowly releases caffeine and thus allows our caffeine levels to more gradually decline all the way up until the 8-hour mark. This slower decrease in caffeine levels makes the crash almost non-existent.

DynaMAX Plus Dosage and Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 DynaMAX+ Ultra Enhanced Caffeine capsule up to 2 times daily. DO NOT mix DynaMAX+ with other caffeinated products.

DynaMAX Plus Reviews

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Where to Buy DynaMAX Plus Capsules

Natrium Health offers DynaMAX+ Ultra Enhanced Caffeine capsules in your choice of a 60 count or 120 count jar. Natrium Health's DynaMAX+ Ultra Enhanced Caffeine capsules have been lab tested for product purity and identity.

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